Rodeo Events in North Las Vegas Once Again?

The North Las Vegas City Council will be holding their regularly scheduled meeting on the first Wednesday of the month, March 1st, at 6PM.

What makes this meeting stand out from the rest for our fellow western heritage community?

Ordinance No. 2798 is up for Final Action with a recommended action to pass and adopt the ordinance changes.

Title 6 Section 6.12.020 states it will be “providing for rodeo events in certain circumstances.” The rodeo community of North Las Vegas may be very well versed in what Title 6 had to say about their ability to perform rodeo activities such as tie down, bulldogging and in some occasions team roping. 

Ordinance No. 2798 will clarify that rodeo events may be permitted under certain circumstances. North Las Vegas is one of the only municipalities in Southern Nevada that prohibits rodeo events. Permitting rodeo events will allow North Las Vegas to be economically competitive with other jurisdictions and allow rodeos to take place in North Las Vegas.  Furthermore, amending the North Las Vegas Municipal Code to permit rodeo events will conform to the current Nevada Revised Statutes applicable to such rodeo events.

Notably, equine tripping will still be strictly prohibited under Ordinance No. 2798.

It is unlawful for any person to intentionally trip or fell any equine animal by the legs or by any means whatsoever for the purposes of, but without limitation hereto, sport or entertainment.”

Title 6 previously stated in 2007 that it did not permit the intentional tripping of any equine or bovine animal which restricted all forms of rodeo.  In 2015 the North Las Vegas missed a key opportunity in having a covered arena as the investors were scared away by animal rights groups and their political interest agendas of non animal husbandry.

The persistence of the community, advisors, animal welfare groups, community leaders, law enforcement, and any related organizations helped come to an understanding on how the change would be regulated once implemented.

We get to have our roping events in our local North Las Vegas once again. However, let’s not leave the fate of our Western Heritage to the hands of a few. We still have time to get involved and show our community and our elected oficials that our community is strong and united.

Hispanic Western Heritage will be present at the CNLV City Council meeting. Will you?

2250 Las Vegas Boulevard
North Las Vegas, Nevada 89030
March 1, 2017 @6PM

City of North Las Vegas City Council Regular Meeting Agenda

Clark County Animal Control Is Out Of Control


Horse Owners and Friends,

If you don’t think this can happen to you it sure can.  On October 20th personal friends of mine who boarded their horses at 1815 Fairhaven St in Las Vegas, NV had their horses seized by animal control.  There had been a longstanding battle (at least 2 years) between neighbors and the property owner who ran a boarding facility. 

20161020_162202The owner did not live on property and paperwork had been left on the door of the vacant house from Oct 13th.  So, to achieve their goal animal control told a lie of “abuse and neglect” of the animals on the property in order to obtain a warrant to seize them.  There was no abuse no neglect. These were boarded horses. People’s personal horses.

There were racing quarter horses in a condition most of us can only dream of for our own horses.  The property owner never even owned a horse.  These horses belonged to people that came before and after work EVERY day to care for their animals.  Now the horses are being held.. they are refusing to release them to their owners.  Some were locked in closed stalls at Horseman’s Park others in open pens.   Now, they have all been moved.  The owners have no clue where their horses are being held.


Anyone who knows me knows I do not tolerate abuse or neglect.  Period.  I need all of my friends or friends of friends to take a few moments out of their day to call these numbers or write an email demanding the immediate release of these horses.  A public apology needs to be made to owners for seizing their horses and telling blatant lies on their condition.  Slanderous lies.  Plus an investigation needs to be launched on the conduct of those that perjured themselves to a judge on the horses physical conditions to obtain a warrant.  They say a picture is worth 1000 words.  Look at the pictures below there are reasons news cameras would not show the abused neglected horses, because they did not exist.

20161020_162251For those of you who say animal control doesn’t come in and just take horses without a reason.  They had issues with the property owner over code violations.  This is fact. NOT abuse and neglect of boarded horses.  Not only can they come in and take healthy animals but they will.

Susan Southwell is the detective on site that was rude to the horse owners. Her contact is (702) 829-3843 email:

Jason Allswang is the animal control supervisor (702) 455-8178 email:

Sabra Smith Newby is Clark County Manager

Thank you,

Donna Yeo

Clark County Invests in it’s Future!

Las Vegas, Nevada

Clark County Parks and Recreation announced this past week that the grand opening of Lone Mountain Equestrian Park and Trail will be taking place April 16, 2016.FB_IMG_1459537366225

Clark County commissioners are set to celebrate the grand opening of this expansion project starting at 10am up until 12:30pm. The location of the public facility is 4445 Jenson Street Las Vegas, Nevada.FB_IMG_1459536756557

The project appears to be a collective effort between the commissioners and concerned citizens that believed the county should do more for the equestrian community. A survey circulated around for several weeks asking the community what they would like to see in their area. It all pointed towards an area that equestrians could peacefully exercise their equines as well as be with their children in a safe environment without having to worry about vehicles coming their way or having to drive miles just to practice.

FB_IMG_1459536848114They declared through their social media page that the use of the arena is for the community and for practice, thus we shall not see any formal events occurring.

Lone Mountain Equestrian Park and Trail was completed based on available funding set aside for projects for the community. It demonstrates that if we get informed and pursue an idea we could work with our own government with money already set aside for community related public facilities. We can’t leave it for the commissioners, city council members, or parks and recreation to guess what it is that we need in the community.

Congratulations, Clark County!

For more information please visit:

Rafael Rivera Trail Ride

Las Vegas, NV
The non-profit organization better known as “Charros de Las Vegas” held their first annual trail ride through the Las Vegas wash, in Las Vegas, this past Sunday, January 17th following the FMCH-USA National Convention.

Well over 200 horse men, women and children attended the one day event accompanied by the LVMPD Mount Unit and the Northeast Area Command along the wash. Amongst the attendees were FMCH president, Miguel Angel Pascual Islas, and FMCH presidential candidate, Jose Edgar Del Bosque. People from near and far joined in to trail ride from nearby Las Vegas neighborhoods to California and Mexico charros.

“We plan with months in advance, but only advertise a week prior in hope of not having an out of control crowd. The community responded well with 250 on horseback participating.”
– Rafael Rivera Trail Ride organizing committee

The trail ride was strategically and officially named “Rafael Rivera” in honor of the Young Mexican scout whom discovered Las Vegas after wandering away from Antonio Armijo’s six person group travelling from Los Angeles to New Mexico in search of a short cut.

The organization hopes to continue its efforts and bring this trail ride to the committee annually to remind the community of their heritage and how many individuals still keep it alive daily.

“A culture that provided its Heritage to a Nation should be respected like a child respects its parents.” – Alejandro Galindo, Charros de Las Vegas President

Luxton Pro Declares Final Thrill

Vancouver, Washington- Lack of sponsorship and increased costs have caused the Luxton Pro-Rodeo to cease their activities.

After 39 years of annual events, the Langford event; scrutinized by animal activists for the past three years, has formally declared that the rodeo will not go on. However, the May weekend activities will continue as a benefit to maintain and fund the 14-acre site, owned by the 117-year-old Metchosin Farmers Institute.

Sandy West and Charlie Price, volunteer rodeo managers, stated in an interview that the rodeo will not continue for the sole reason that increased costs would lead into increased entry fees. The decision was not based on the constant attack of animal rights activists in the Vancouver area.

“We do not wish to put this burden on the public,” the statement said. (Times Colonist)

The preservation of our Western heritage relies on the participants that wish to keep our grass roots present and alive with an animal welfare concern in mind.