Salina’s Rodeo Event Near Once Again


Salinas, CA– The Salina’s Rodeo is near us once again.

After they could not get any attention, last year groups decided to make a claim. The California Salinas Rodeo is being sued by animal rights activist groups.

The lawsuit in process is due to allegations made by Showing Animals Respect and Kindness (SHARK) , a group of animal rights activists. SHARK accuses the Salinas Rodeo and Tim Eastman, the head veterinarian, for failing to report 38 injuries of animals involved in past events.

California law requires that every injury an animal has during the rodeo must be reported to the Veterinary Medical Board. (California Penal Code Section 596.7(d)(2))

SHARK says, “the law has not been enforced, otherwise manipulated to make rodeos appear harmless.”

Eastman responded to this saying, “every animal exiting the arena is examined by a veterinarian and the SPCA.”

One of the allegations made was when a bull was hit by one of the participant’s horse resulting in it breaking its neck. Eastman says that to his belief the animal was not killed on impact as SHARK implied and the calf being brought up is on a ranch living the good life today.

Eastman also says they “consider [themselves] leaders in the community when it comes to care and welfare of rodeo livestock when [it] comes to Salinas.”

The Salinas Rodeo will commence on July 16 through July 19 thanks to the support of Western Heritage supporters.