Clark County Invests in it’s Future!

Las Vegas, Nevada

Clark County Parks and Recreation announced this past week that the grand opening of Lone Mountain Equestrian Park and Trail will be taking place April 16, 2016.FB_IMG_1459537366225

Clark County commissioners are set to celebrate the grand opening of this expansion project starting at 10am up until 12:30pm. The location of the public facility is 4445 Jenson Street Las Vegas, Nevada.FB_IMG_1459536756557

The project appears to be a collective effort between the commissioners and concerned citizens that believed the county should do more for the equestrian community. A survey circulated around for several weeks asking the community what they would like to see in their area. It all pointed towards an area that equestrians could peacefully exercise their equines as well as be with their children in a safe environment without having to worry about vehicles coming their way or having to drive miles just to practice.

FB_IMG_1459536848114They declared through their social media page that the use of the arena is for the community and for practice, thus we shall not see any formal events occurring.

Lone Mountain Equestrian Park and Trail was completed based on available funding set aside for projects for the community. It demonstrates that if we get informed and pursue an idea we could work with our own government with money already set aside for community related public facilities. We can’t leave it for the commissioners, city council members, or parks and recreation to guess what it is that we need in the community.

Congratulations, Clark County!

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