Clark County Animal Control Is Out Of Control


Horse Owners and Friends,

If you don’t think this can happen to you it sure can.  On October 20th personal friends of mine who boarded their horses at 1815 Fairhaven St in Las Vegas, NV had their horses seized by animal control.  There had been a longstanding battle (at least 2 years) between neighbors and the property owner who ran a boarding facility. 

20161020_162202The owner did not live on property and paperwork had been left on the door of the vacant house from Oct 13th.  So, to achieve their goal animal control told a lie of “abuse and neglect” of the animals on the property in order to obtain a warrant to seize them.  There was no abuse no neglect. These were boarded horses. People’s personal horses.

There were racing quarter horses in a condition most of us can only dream of for our own horses.  The property owner never even owned a horse.  These horses belonged to people that came before and after work EVERY day to care for their animals.  Now the horses are being held.. they are refusing to release them to their owners.  Some were locked in closed stalls at Horseman’s Park others in open pens.   Now, they have all been moved.  The owners have no clue where their horses are being held.


Anyone who knows me knows I do not tolerate abuse or neglect.  Period.  I need all of my friends or friends of friends to take a few moments out of their day to call these numbers or write an email demanding the immediate release of these horses.  A public apology needs to be made to owners for seizing their horses and telling blatant lies on their condition.  Slanderous lies.  Plus an investigation needs to be launched on the conduct of those that perjured themselves to a judge on the horses physical conditions to obtain a warrant.  They say a picture is worth 1000 words.  Look at the pictures below there are reasons news cameras would not show the abused neglected horses, because they did not exist.

20161020_162251For those of you who say animal control doesn’t come in and just take horses without a reason.  They had issues with the property owner over code violations.  This is fact. NOT abuse and neglect of boarded horses.  Not only can they come in and take healthy animals but they will.

Susan Southwell is the detective on site that was rude to the horse owners. Her contact is (702) 829-3843 email:

Jason Allswang is the animal control supervisor (702) 455-8178 email:

Sabra Smith Newby is Clark County Manager

Thank you,

Donna Yeo