Rodeo Events in North Las Vegas Once Again?

The North Las Vegas City Council will be holding their regularly scheduled meeting on the first Wednesday of the month, March 1st, at 6PM.

What makes this meeting stand out from the rest for our fellow western heritage community?

Ordinance No. 2798 is up for Final Action with a recommended action to pass and adopt the ordinance changes.

Title 6 Section 6.12.020 states it will be “providing for rodeo events in certain circumstances.” The rodeo community of North Las Vegas may be very well versed in what Title 6 had to say about their ability to perform rodeo activities such as tie down, bulldogging and in some occasions team roping. 

Ordinance No. 2798 will clarify that rodeo events may be permitted under certain circumstances. North Las Vegas is one of the only municipalities in Southern Nevada that prohibits rodeo events. Permitting rodeo events will allow North Las Vegas to be economically competitive with other jurisdictions and allow rodeos to take place in North Las Vegas.  Furthermore, amending the North Las Vegas Municipal Code to permit rodeo events will conform to the current Nevada Revised Statutes applicable to such rodeo events.

Notably, equine tripping will still be strictly prohibited under Ordinance No. 2798.

It is unlawful for any person to intentionally trip or fell any equine animal by the legs or by any means whatsoever for the purposes of, but without limitation hereto, sport or entertainment.”

Title 6 previously stated in 2007 that it did not permit the intentional tripping of any equine or bovine animal which restricted all forms of rodeo.  In 2015 the North Las Vegas missed a key opportunity in having a covered arena as the investors were scared away by animal rights groups and their political interest agendas of non animal husbandry.

The persistence of the community, advisors, animal welfare groups, community leaders, law enforcement, and any related organizations helped come to an understanding on how the change would be regulated once implemented.

We get to have our roping events in our local North Las Vegas once again. However, let’s not leave the fate of our Western Heritage to the hands of a few. We still have time to get involved and show our community and our elected oficials that our community is strong and united.

Hispanic Western Heritage will be present at the CNLV City Council meeting. Will you?

2250 Las Vegas Boulevard
North Las Vegas, Nevada 89030
March 1, 2017 @6PM

City of North Las Vegas City Council Regular Meeting Agenda